3 Reasons To Begin Using Rechargeable Batteries In Your Home

Take a few seconds and try to think of all the places in your home where you use batteries.


What’d you come up with? For most, batteries are commonly used in clocks, toys and remotes. But did you know there are also batteries used in plenty of the other critical devices in your home that you may not even realize, like your thermostat?


As you can see, batteries play a very important role in the function and utility of many homes. In the past, all consumers had available when it came to batteries were disposable batteries—the kind you use once and throw away. But now that rechargeable batteries are on the market, it may be time for you to upgrade to these newer options. To help you understand why, here are three reasons to begin using rechargeable batteries in your home.


They’re Easy to Dispose Of


Because some batteries are made with hazardous materials and metals, there has always been a concern with how to dispose of these products. But according to Earth911.com, the Battery Act of 1996 made it necessary to have simple and easy means of disposing of batteries available for all, especially those who choose to use rechargeable batteries. These disposal options include mail-in, drop-off, and take-back programs, eliminating the excuse to continue using disposable batteries due to a lack of ability to get rid of rechargeable batteries correctly.


They’re A Good Long-Term Investment


For some, the knowledge that rechargeable batteries have a high initial price tag becomes a big turn off. However, if you’re able to look beyond the first year of using your rechargeable batteries, you will see just how good of a long-term investment they really are.


According to Trent Hamm of TheSimpleDollar.com, after your initial purchase of rechargeable batteries, you only pay an additional $0.24 per year to keep using those batteries. But with disposable alkaline batteries, your cost remains the same year after year, proving that after you shell out a few bucks to start your rechargeable battery collection, you can save on your battery bill immensely.


They Last Longer In High-Drain Situations


While traditional alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries may have a similar lifespan when used in low-drain situations like TV remotes, when it comes to high-drain usage, rechargeable batteries are the clear victor. According to GreenBatteries.com, rechargeable batteries can run 3-4 times longer on a single charge in high-drain situations like in digital cameras than their alkaline counterparts. So if you’re looking for a longer lasting battery to use in your high-drain devices, you may want to consider opting for the rechargeable variety.

As you can see, rechargeable batteries have many benefits to their use. If you’re searching the market for a cost effective, long lasting, and greener way to use your gadgets that require batteries, rechargeable batteries should be your go-to choice.

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