What Safety Equipment Do You Need When Trimming Trees on Your Property?

Safety is paramount when trimming trees. Every home or property owner is faced with this task, at some point in time. Any time trees are present, they will need trimming occasionally. Sometimes it’s for cosmetic reasons, and other times it is to remove large branches that are hanging over a structure, endangering the building.

No matter what the reason for trimming trees on your property, you should always be most concerned with keeping yourself and others out of harm’s way. Let’s take a glance at some of the safety equipment you can use before tackling those trees.

Protective Gloves

When you are trimming trees, you will want good strong gloves, the kind that will withstand any kind of wood from puncturing your hands. Splinters are not the only consideration. You can obtain cuts and scrapes on your hands and fingertips, while cutting branches of any size.

You do not have to be cutting down huge trees to sustain an injury to your hand. Always buy high quality, durable gloves. You can order them online easily. Just be sure you order the right kind of gloves. Again, it is vital to protect your hands when trimming trees.

Footwear Matters

Do not go out there in tennis shoes and begin trimming trees. We know it sounds silly, but accidents happen, even on the most minimal tree trimming jobs. A good pair of boots that are resistant to slips are highly recommended. If possible, steel toed non-slip boots would be the best choice. Not only would this type of footwear help you get a better foothold on the ground, but could also protect your feet from and larger branches that may fall on them.

Safety Ropes and Harnesses

If you are going to need to climb up high to cut branches, always make sure you have a good safety harness, a strong lanyard and a high-grade rappelling rope. Too many people go up in trees without safety ropes, and as a result have nasty falls. Depending on the height you will be climbing, a fall could even prove fatal.

Head and Eye Gear

It should go without saying that a hard hat is necessary when cutting tree limbs down. If a heavy branch should happen to fall on your head, you will surely want to be protected. As mentioned above, accidents occur. “Safety First” is always what we focus on in any endeavor that could be hazardous. You will more than likely be using a chainsaw as well. For this reason, you will need protective googles. Not only can splinters shoot out into your eyes, but chainsaws cause sparks that could damage your eyes permanently.

It is easy to go out on your property and get involved in a task without considering the many things that could go wrong. You will see people doing it all the time. It is often baffling what people will do without the proper safety gear. It is so much better to take those extra steps to ensure that you, and anyone working with you, remain safe and in one piece. If you have any questions regarding safety equipment you’ll need when trimming trees, check out the OSHA website for a list of recommended gear.

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