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Moving offices is not an easy task. But this is exactly what Wynnes did to help our partner HVMS – an electrical engineering firm- to move to a new location within a short period of time with only five men, a 7.5 ton truck and 2 Luton Vans. Despite the fact that the heavy cargo included office furniture, co-ordinate mapping machines and monitors, towers, database equipment and printers, the move was quite quick and completely hassle-free. With such an impeccable service and track record, it is no wonder to see Wynnes Removals and Storage listed as one of the top companies in the UK Removals Industry.

– Why is Inventory Management important?

One of the reasons why Wynnes has been successful at providing best removal and storage services is because of its diligent monitoring and proper maintenance of detailed inventories. This has helped the company to avoid property mismanagement and losses, while keeping its customers happy. There are various benefits of creating an inventory of all the items that are meant for removal or storage. Some of them have been listed below:

– Right Amount, Right Quote:

Often customers find it quite challenging to move all items from one place to another because they have no idea which Removal and Storage company they should trust. They often hire the one that does not provide any inventory, but simply offers an inaccurate report of the amount of items that people are moving. For example, if someone is moving house items, usually their load will occupy around 25 to 30 cubic meters of space. Trucks generally come in the size of 30, 50 and 100 cubic meters. Now if the owners do not make an inventory themselves but rely on the removal company to state how much space their items will occupy, they are increasing the chance of being duped. When the final day arrives and their items are being loaded, they are informed that the total amount of space their load would require is quite different.

So if someone’s load is about 32 cubic meters and they chose the cheapest option of hiring one 30 cubic meters truck, they have to pay for an additional truck to pack up the remaining items. This would add to the overall cost. And if the total inventory is revealed to be 22 cubic meters, they would end up paying more for the truck. Often, trucks carry items from different moves (jobs) in case there is space left over. So the amount of money that customers have to pay will be less also. Having an inventory allows customers to maintain control over the final cost. And it is extremely important for the removal company to offer the accurate quote to the customers if they are taking the responsibility of creating the inventory themselves.

Also, having the full inventory ready will ensure complete transparency between different agents while the items are being moved from one location to another. This helps in maintaining a precise customs and excise fees as well. Hiding costs in such scenarios generally do not end well, especially during international shipments.

– Added security:

While security is one of the basic services offered by the UK Removals Association, sometimes certain items of high value require extra monitoring. While creating inventories, each item meant for relocation or storage is listed. The company will be able to inform the shipping enterprise and clients about the fragile or expensive items that will require extra space for more security.

– Managing storage space:

Creating an inventory will help clients to pack their items better, and this will automatically help them to save extra storage costs. An efficient removal and storage company will help clients to make a list of their inventory and even offer their services to do the packing so as to ensure that the initial budget does not surpass the final storage costs. Often customers get duped when they leave all responsibilities to the shipping companies, and get encouraged to file legal complaints when they realize they have been taken advantage of. By keeping a clean track record, the removal and storage companies can improve their reputation.

Inventory management enables UK shipping companies to perform their tasks hassle free and at a fast pace. This also helps such companies to maintain necessary paperwork that contains lists of different orders and moves for future reference. This only helps in making the job of removal and storage companies transparent and efficient, much to the satisfaction of the client.

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