The Latest Window Treatment Trends For 2018

Few decor choices define a room the way your window treatments do. Everything from the room’s natural lighting to its color scheme are going to be affected by the curtains you choose. If you’re redecorating or you’re about to move into a new home that needs styling, a lot depends on the window treatments you choose. You can do anything, from creating a modern chic style with contemporary neutral tones or adding soft and stylish colors with jewel tones. Find out about the latest window treatment styles for 2018. Relax and enjoy your redesign.

#1 Jewel Tones Add Brightness

Jewel tones are a hot topic right now and it’s not hard to see why. Jewel tones add a richness of color to the room and using them in your window treatments will make you feel like royalty. Popular jewel tones right now include sapphire blue, yellow topaz, amethyst, and ruby red. Jewel tones add bold colors with taste and tact.

#2 Bright Yellow Right Now

If there’s one thing yellow does, it’s pop. Bold colors are on trend right now and a tactful use of bright yellow can energize a room. Canary and gold help draw a sense of sunshine into your room. It makes a great color for sun rooms and breakfast nooks where you’re going for a lively, spring-and-summer atmosphere. Bright yellow pairs well with big windows, sharply contrasting black-and-white furnishings and floors, and with geometric patterns on your cushions. It’s a bold move so consider it carefully and take a look at color samples in the room at different times of the day.

#3 Bring in Natural Light

Natural light is a trend that’s never going to get old. Sunlight is scientifically proven to improve your mood, reduce signs of depression, and keep you focused and relaxed. Besides the health benefits of sunlight, natural light always looks good. While many designers are going with bare windows, that’s not always a practical decision if privacy is a concern. You can use sheer fabrics that will let the light shine through and still protect your privacy. You can find sheer fabrics in just about any color.

#4 Condo-Friendly Curtains

Heavy curtains can feel cluttered and out of place in condos and small living spaces. With urban living on the rise and condos replacing starter homes for many singles and young families, space-friendly window treatments like matchstick blinds add natural colors and privacy while maintaining space economy and a chic style.

#5 Charcoal and Slate

Charcoal and slate are the latest neutral colors that everyone wants. In the past, beige or ivory were the default neutral colors and they lightened up rooms with a softer lens. Charcoal and slate are on the darker side of things and lend a sophisticated air to any room. Using charcoal and slate in your curtains can give the room a sharp contrast to brighter elements.

Your window treatments are always a big statement. When you’re decorating, don’t stop discovering new options and open yourself up to risks. Go online and explore available window treatments, visualize the effect of new curtains, and compare it with present furniture or use an app to compare it with your room’s new look.

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