Some Cool Tips To Save Space And Improve Your Home

Exciting home improvements can often be an expensive business, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are some simple space-saving ideas and dual-purposing of rooms that can make your home look fresh and new and give certain areas a whole new lease on life. Let’s take a look at a few…

Divide The Space

If you have an open-plan apartment with one large area for living and sleeping, why not invest in a room divider to create the allusion of two rooms. A Japanese style artificial wall can create a super cool look in a decent sized apartment and will instantly give the whole place a clear style. Alternatively you could go for a more modern approach and choose a funky design or outlandish wallpaper style for a divider, bringing attention to it and making it a feature of the home. Avoid curtains or drapes as room dividers as they tend to look rather old-fashioned and a little cheap. Distinctly different lighting styles will add to the feel that you have two rooms, not one.

Turn The Spare Room Into Two Rooms

So let’s say that you have a spare bedroom. It’s a good size and it does indeed get used when you have friends or family members stay over from time to time. But what about the rest of the time? It probably just sits there as an unused bedroom and is essentially wasted. It’s time to bring back a staple of the 1970s the wall bed. Pull-down wall beds have made a comeback and with good reason – they save loads of space. If you were to fit a double or even two single wall beds into that spare room, you’d have the option of turning it into a bedroom in seconds, while the rest of the time it could be a second living room, or a games den, or a sewing room, or a.. well, you get the idea. Why not embrace the 70s kitsch of the beds and get a low, leather couch, visit a lighting store and pick up a lava lamp and get some retro pictures for the walls. Make it a cool 70s style second lounge room that doubles up as a bedroom.

Away With The Garage

Unless the parking outside your home is non-existent, or the weather in your area is permanently awful, you really don’t need a garage for your car. Why not make the most of every bit of space on your property and make something more exciting out of the garage. If the garage is built under your home (rather than standing freely next to it) then it will cost almost nothing to insulate the area. It would be pretty easy to turn that space into another bedroom, a second lounge or pretty much anything you wanted. One great option is a home gym. You’ll save hundreds on gym membership by having a decent place where the whole family can make use of it.


Mary has been writing on home improvements and interior design ideas for a number of years, both on the web and in print. Please visit this page again soon for the latest schemes, fads and cool home improvement ideas.

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