Solve These Difficult Winter Problems With High-Quality Windows

The winter season can make things difficult for the average homeowner— the season can make the rooms cold, make the air stale and make every resident sick. If a homeowner wants to tackle these upsetting issues, all they have to do is follow these convenient tips for their windows.

One common problem with windows during the winter season is that they let in the cold — this can happen becauseyour windows are made of subpar materials or gapsaren’t properly sealed. For a long-lasting solution, homeowners can get energy-efficient windows—these replacements will help you winterize your home and keep the cold temperature outdoors. When you are looking to get the new windows, check to see if they have the Energy Star seal of approval—this is a sure-fire way to confirm whether they are energy-efficient.

Other things to look for with energy-efficient windows:

  • Low-emissivity glass
  • Warm Edge Technology spacers

If you have recently installed energy-efficient windows in your home, then you won’t need to worry about replacements in the near-future. However, in order to get the optimal performance from your windows, you should do an annual winter check-up. If you want to know exactly how to start your winter check-up, you can turn to experts like Golden Windows— they have been window manufacturers and distributors for over fifty years. The dedicated company has a list of window care and maintenance tips from the pros that will keep windows working perfectly—several of these tips will be ideal for your winter inspection.

Window tips for winter maintenance:

  • Inspect the caulking every year to see if windows are properly sealed
  • Take off internal screens for the season to prevent condensation on the glass

Dust, mold spores, smoke, germs and even smells get trapped in the house when they have nowhere to exit. During the colder months, homeowners tend to seal themselves indoors without ventilating these elements, leading to a rise in sickness and health complaints. This is a serious issue for infants, children and the elderly living under your roof, along with any residents that have respiratory issues or poor immune systems. There are some simple changes that you can do to make air healthy in the winter like vacuuming carpeted surfaces, removing dust from rooms and regularly ventilating the house.

Window tips for ventilation:

  • Open up your windows just a little to let in fresh air
  • Make sure that you open a window in every room so that stale air can escape, otherwise it will continue to recirculate

Replacing your drafty windows with sets of high-quality energy-efficient ones will insulate your home and keep the chill outside. Committing to annual inspections will get your windows to perform their best and save you any grief in the future. Frequently opening your windows will ventilate your entire home so that germ-filled air doesn’t continue to recirculate. Paying proper attention to your windows will ensure that your home feels warm and comfortable, especially during the harshest season of the year.

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