Small but Functional Bathrooms

If you own a tiny house, you may find that your home has a septic tank instead of the traditional plumbing. Ensure you’re aware of the plumbing system in your house. It’s also worth bearing in mind that sewage treatments can be high maintenance and noisy. If this is the case for your tiny bathroom, why not get a professional team in such as OMDI Small bathrooms are often a deal breaker for home buyers and even those looking for rental properties. But there are a lot of tricks you can implement to make your bathroom look and feel bigger. We’ll share a mix of aesthetic and physical layout changes to help get you started.


Maximise the Space You Have


Start by removing any old cabinets you have with linen and hand towels and put in open shelving. This will instantly make the space feel more open. Put storage racks and containers behind, beside and above the toilet. For example, you can buy toilet storage racks that sit above the toilet tank. But be careful of gathering clutter. Make sure you only keep and display the essentials. This sadly means keeping aesthetic touches to a minimum. For example, you could put a succulent plant in the corner, or you could save space by displaying loofahs, soaps and beautiful towels instead.


Free Up Space


You might be able to create more space in the bathroom by removing certain elements. One example is removing the bathtub. Consider putting in a frameless showerscreen instead. A frameless showerscreen with clear or semi-translucent glass will make the space seem larger than a tub with a shower curtain. You might also want to install a smaller toilet or a free-standing sink with space underneath.


Open Up the Area


One way to make the bathroom feel larger is by opening up the space. Use floating shelves over metal racks. If possible, embed the medicine cabinet into the wall. Have recessed lighting around the mirror instead of bulbs that stick out. Put your laundry hamper in your bedroom or hallway so that it doesn’t take up space in the bathroom. Make sure doors don’t intrude on the space. For example, have the bathroom door and shower door slide instead of swinging into the bathroom. If possible, remove the full wall hiding the toilet and use a half-wall instead.


Use the Right Colour Palette


Colour can entirely transform how a space looks and feels. Use neutral colours like white, cream, and light blue to make the space feel bigger. Better yet, paint the ceiling the same colour as your tiles. Don’t use busy patterns on the floors, walls or shower curtain. Instead, try to have the same colour broken up only by small decorative elements that pop out.

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