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Liberty SafeLast summer, wild fires devastated dozens of cities across the United States. Hundreds of families lost their homes, and few of them had the opportunity to retrieve their valuables before flames forced them out. Fire, thief and other accidents come when least expected. In the event of such a disaster, are you prepared? Do you have all your documents and photos stored and backed up? What about those items that cannot be placed on the cloud? How would you protect those items in the event of a fire or burglary? With society continually spiraling out of control around us there is no telling what the future holds. The only way to find peace of mind is to prepare for the unexpected. Liberty Safe recently reiterated and made public their safety drive to ensure all important documents to be kept in a fire-proof safe. In their official site statement, the company said that their services were aimed at protecting their consumer across the US.


Liberty Safe


Liberty Safe is one of the leading safe manufacturers based in the US. Their safe vaults are designed to be 100% fire proof with life time warranty. According to the company’s official website, the company is also providing useful information on the safe use and care for every safe owner and other practical tips to avoid safe lock-out. This effort is made as a result of the companies increased commitment to protecting their customers in circumstances when they cannot.


The Liberty safe is engineered to protect important documents both in every home and in every office across the US. With over 383,000 residential fires every year and recurring natural disaster, the need to safeguard valuable documents is not something to be overlooked. Liberty promotes several different safe models for clients to choose from. Models include:


  • Revere
  • Colonial
  • Franklin
  • Lincoln
  • Presidential
  • National


From these different safe models, clients can pick one that is according to their need. The prices of each safe vary from one model over the other, but according to the company, all their safes are designed to withstand fire at varying temperature degrees.




In addition to the high end manufacturing offered by Liberty, the company has also included one of their high-technology services, which is the “Safelert.”  Safelert is the most advance service offered by Liberty Safe pre-empt any burglary attempt. According to the site, new and existing clients can request for a demonstration on this new service offered by simply filling out the form with either email or phone number, and their expert representative will do the demonstration. Safelert goes above and beyond by providing 24 hour safe monitoring so you can know at any time if someone is snooping. This new service allows clients to be safe 24/7. This security device is available for orders online, while all the other safe orders are temporarily halted due to the high volume of orders placed each day. The company encouraged all its clients to tap the local dealers for any safe and accessories’ orders for the time being. Don’t leave something as important as safe monitoring to chance. Protect your valuables and protect your home. With Safelert your mind can rest at ease know that you have the best service for the job.



For more information on the fire-proof liberty safe, clients are encouraged to visit the local dealers in their state, or they can visit. for more details.

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