Living Room Design Trends for 2018

Are you planning on redesigning your living room this year? Then you definitely want to consider the latest living room design trends so that you can make your space the most modern and chic room in your entire house. Check out the 2018 design trends below so that you can have fun while you renovate and so you can make wise choices that will make your home attractive for years to come.

Upgrade Your Fireplace

One of the best ways to renovate a living room and really transform the entire vibe in the space is by redesigning your fireplace if you have one. This one step could create a brand new focal point for the room and really draw any visitor’s attention to it. Focusing on the mantel, which adds character and warmth to any fireplace, is a great place to start. And a reclaimed wood fireplace could be the best way to change the look of it while adding to its appeal.

Throw in Bold Colors and Floral Prints

In 2018, the trend seems to be all about bold colors. After all, Pantone’s color of the year is ultra violet, so incorporating this color into your space will immediately bring it into the 21st century. But if ultra violet is not your favorite, you could go for a calmer hue, such as lilac, instead. In this way, you could still take advantage of this trend to add pops of color into your living room without overdoing it.

Floral prints are also a big trend this year. And whether you add floral prints in the form of artwork on your walls or you add decorative pillows that showcase bold prints to your couch, there are a variety of ways to easily incorporate this design element into your living room.

Choose Curvy Furniture

Throwing it back to the 1970s, furniture design trends this year seem to be incorporating some really neat shapes that have not been seen for a long time. You might consider, as an example, adding a couch with curves to your living room space if you are planning on upgrading your furniture in that room. Shapely furniture is all about adding an element of fun and sophistication, and it is so different from what people have been used to, so it is a great way to update your living room this year.

Add Natural Accents

Finally, natural decorative accents are another way to upgrade your living room this year. So, when you are shopping for what you will use to bring your living room to life, opt for objects that are made using earthy materials, such as wood. You might, for example, add a wooden bowl to your coffee table, or you might purchase small statues that have been carved from wood. Bonus: these accents will go great with that wood fireplace we discussed above.

With the design trends above, you could take any ordinary and boring living room and upgrade it this year so that it is trendy, fashionable, attractive, and chic.

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