Keeping Your Home Protected During a Remodeling Project

Not taking the proper precautions before you start a remodeling project could lead to a disaster. You need to really know what you are doing before you begin any type of construction inside your home. The failure to be prepared will inevitably result in your home and some of your possessions being damaged. There is also the chance that the damage might be very expensive or impossible to repair. Therefore, take the time to find out what sort of materials you will need to keep your home and possessions safe while your remodeling project is underway. This will give you the best chance of completing the remodeling of your home without any serious damage. Here are a few of the items that you can pick up to help you keep the surrounding area safe.

1. Builder’s construction flooring paper will ensure that all of your floors will remain perfect throughout the process of remodeling your home.

You will find this paper being used by painting and construction contractors to protect the floors of their various clients. It is very durable and tough enough to withstand the high amount of foot and equipment traffic that is present during a remodeling project. This paper is very easy to install so you do not need to be a professional contractor to do it. Even an average person who just wants to do a small remodeling job will be able to handle the installation of builder’s construction flooring paper made by Trimaco without any difficulty. You could also consider using a Trimaco X-Board surface protection if you need to protect a floor that has not yet completed the curing process.

2. Masking paper can make painting a lot easier by giving you valuable protection from spills, drips or stains.

Trimaco sells a very high quality masking paper that is ideal for painting projects of all kinds. It will allow you to paint the trim during your remodeling project without the risk of the paint splashing on an area where you do not want it to go. This masking paper is the same high quality product that professional painting contractors use on all of their jobs. Trimaco masking paper is available at Home Depot locations everywhere.

3. A sticky mat can be used to prevent outside dirt from being brought into your remodeling site.

Trimaco makes a product called a dirt trapper ultra sticky mat. This is very useful to have when you are remodeling your home. You simply place the sticky mat inside any of the entrances. It will pull all of the dirt and other debris off the bottom of shoes and the wheels of various carts. Therefore, your floor will be protected.

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