Keeping Your Garden Safe From Pests

Whether you have a food garden or simply a flower garden, you know that pests can be a pain. From deer eating your corn to birds stealing your seeds and bugs munching on everything, it’s likely you might be overwhelmed with too many critters to fight.

The thing is, there are many great ways to fight off nearly any pests that get in the garden, and it doesn’t have to be with harsh chemicals or traps.

Battling The Bugs

One of the hardest things to fight in your garden is usually the bees. There are so many different ones that attack your vegetables and other plants and you want to get rid of them but you want to make sure your home grown food is still safe when all’s said and done.

There are plenty of ways to deter bugs, like using eggshells to keep away slugs and other bugs that need the ground to get to your plants. There are also plenty of human safe items that can chase the bugs away. You can also use plants that naturally repel bugs, like marigolds.

Use soapy water to fight Asian beetles and aphids. Salt, borax, and even coffee grounds keep away ants and other creepy crawlers. When and if you see caterpillars on your tomato plants they can easily be picked right off.

Little Critters Digging Your Garden

You may remember your grandma putting aluminium pie plates around the garden in order to keep the raccoons, birds and other small creatures away. There are other things you can do as well. Sometimes simply have something that makes a noise will chase away timid animals, like rabbits.

You can try things like netting, to keep the birds from stealing your seeds and seedlings,and even smaller fencing to keep out rabbits, although you’ll still have other wildlife getting over the fencing.

Keeping Out The Deer

In many areas the biggest animal you need to contend with when it comes to gardening are deer. You can put up fencing, but you need a pretty tall fence to stop a deer, since they can jump pretty high.

There are also deer repellents, usually using some sort of predator urine as a scent, that will help keep curious deer, and other prey animals, out of your garden. Just owning a dog that spends some occasional time in your yard can sometimes be enough to make some critters go elsewhere looking for food.

There’s nothing worse than putting a bunch of time, and money into your garden only to have the animals eat up all that work, before you get a chance to eat any of it. be proactive and do what you can to stop them, naturally.

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