Improve Energy Efficiency While Improving Your Home

Everyone wants to improve their home, either in small or large ways. Usually the focus is on structure, or perhaps decorative value. But don’t underestimate the improvement in overall value if you get some more energy efficient appliances in the mix as well.

Think about the five following topics when considering home improvement, to find out if energy savings can be in the equation as well – learn about energy efficiency as an intellectual topic, remodel appliances along with newly renovated rooms, find out your biggest energy offenders, keep long-term savings in mind, and remember that noise levels can be an issue.

Learn About Energy Efficiency First    

As you’re going through your home improvement mental calculations, you may wonder how energy efficiency fits in as a regulatory device in the first place. To this end, read about energy guide data and you’ll have a number of ‘a ha’ moments. With this additional information, facts, figures, and numbers posted on appliances will have that much more meaning to you, and can vastly help you improve your purchasing viability. You can ask better questions to salespeople as well!

Remodel Appliances With Rooms          

When you remodel your kitchen, for instance, get an energy efficient stove and an energy efficient microwave. Not only will you get to pick size, color, and style to go with your new décor, you’ll also be able to pick ones that have better energy efficiency ratings. This will not only increase your happiness with your cooking, it will also increase the value of your home as a whole.

Find Your Biggest Offenders

The biggest energy offenders are usually refrigerators, air conditioners, and furnaces. Have a technician come check out the energy usage at your home, or find a way to check energy use on your own. With that data, you’ll get to decide based on metrics what the best thing for you to replace is going to be. The answer may actually surprise you as well, as many people don’t really just how inefficiently older model appliances run.

Think About Long-Term Savings

You may think that new appliances are expensive, but step back for a second and think about long-term savings. If each new appliance is going to save you ten or twenty dollars a month in bills, how long before they pay for themselves? Those are the questions you need to be asking when you do your new home remodeling projects.

Keep Track of Noise Levels         

New appliances are often much quieter than old ones as well! If sound is something that bothers you, then it’s good to note that energy efficient also often means quieter, as there are few hot parts and moving parts involved.

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