How To Create a Cozy Bedroom Using Decorating Ideas

People are spending an increasing amount of time at home thanks to the recession. This article will look at how to create a cozy bedroom using decorating ideas. It will also look at practical solutions such as storage.

Types of Bedrooms

If you are unsure how to yield a comforting and relaxing bedroom, you should take some time exploring home and interior magazines and websites to garner inspiration. Pick out ideas from images that you are drawn to whether it is a Bohemian bedroom, a girly bedroom, or even a very minimal, calming bedroom. Be aware of functional items such as chests of drawers. If you create the space you want, you will realise benefits such as a restful and good night’s sleep.

Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom

Never underestimate the power of simply refreshing your current bedroom paint. A fresh coat of paint will bring your bedroom alive again. You could also paint your chests of drawers, change your textiles or even use different furniture hardware. These simple touches can overhaul an average bedroom into a room with character which reflects your style.

There is no excuse for clutter in your bedroom as not only is it unsightly, it is also very uninspiring. These days there are hundreds of bedroom storage and organisation solutions available which are both functional and aesthetic. If you have a small room, consider which items can be stored elsewhere. Get creative by choosing a focal point such as a vintage mirror. Try wallpapering chests of drawers, painting wood or even knobs or changing the door handle altogether.

Most people default to either white or cream when deciding what colour to paint their bedroom, however, neither of these creates a cozy and homely space. Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little, try a pale gold tone for a luxurious look, a duck-egg blue for an elegant look or if you must stick to cream palettes opt for a cream with a rose tone for added warmth.

The best way to create a cozy bedroom is to use soft fabrics to soften otherwise sterile spaces. For example a luxurious rug placed on the floor instantly warms the room.

Once you have everything else in place you can start to add your own personal touch through soft furnishing. This means adding candles, wall art, picture frames filled with photographs of loved ones and even green house plants in wonderful, decorative pots. This addition of nature adds instant warmth. Fill your book shelves with your books to reflect your true self.

Finally adding the right lighting can complete the homely, cozy look. Make sure you choose soft and accent light-bulbs which omit an ambient light. Fluorescent lighting can make a space feel cold.


It is so important that your personal space in your home is a positive and happy place. These simple decorating ideas can help turn your bedroom into a cozy space. Be mindful of practical solutions too such as chests of drawers.


Mary Yohanan writes regularly on home and interiors for a range of home decoration websites and blogs. She is an expert at transforming spaces into beautiful rooms using techniques such as an extensive range of chests of drawers.

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