Getting Your Home Ready For The Holidays

Getting ready for the holidays can mean the need for some home improvements, so you may want to take some time to look around and see what needs to be fixed, changed, updated, or even made more safe in your home, especially if you’ll be having guests coming to celebrate the holidays with you.

Make A Few Changes

The first thing you may notice when you look around your home is some worn out appliances and some grubby walls, and maybe a dirty carpet. Get your home remodeling started with a nice fresh paint job if your walls are in need. Make sure you do it early enough that it has time to dry before you start decorating.

If your carpet is cleanable the holidays are a good time to invest in a carpet shampooer (you can rent one). If they are beyond help you may want to look into getting new carpeting installed. While you may consider DIY for carpet installation, it takes lots of tools, so just let the pros do it.

As far as appliances go, you may want to look into a new oven if yours just isn’t up to par for cooking a huge meal. And, if your refrigerator isn’t big enough for all of those leftovers you may want a new one of those as well. Invest in energy efficient ones for better savings.

Keep The Critters Out Of Your Gifts

Winter means more critters will be moving into your home with you, especially rodents. Like you they want warmth, food and water. You may want to keep them out, especially when you have gifts under the tree that just might make good snacks for them.

If you have spotted any mice in your home, set out some traps and make sure to keep food sealed up. You should also remove any standing water in your home, including condensation on pipes. If you can’t get them under control you definitely need to hire an exterminator, who can help you seal up the places the critters are coming in as well.

Baby And Child Proofing

If you’ll be having little ones visiting your home and you don’t normally have them around, you need to make sure that your home is a safe place for them to spend the holidays. Baby and child-proofing when it comes to holiday visitors doesn’t need to be an in-depth project.

Plug protectors, toilet seat locks, and making sure that breakables are up high are great places to start.

Holiday Decorating

Nothing brightens up a home more than holiday cheer, and decorations. Don’t be afraid to go a little wild, with a beautiful tree and some wall decorations, and lights. Make sure your decorations are also child friendly. You can even work them in with your normal home decor.

Home improvements don’t always need to be permanent, and they don’t always have to be about raising the worth of your home. Have fun, and happy holidays!

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