Getting ready for winter with the perfect lighting

Fall is upon us and that means that the days are getting significantly shorter. This is the time to focus on the right kind of lighting in our home, as the perfect lighting can make all the difference in creating the perfect atmosphere.

A lamp has a much higher purpose than just to light up the room. A combination of the amount of light the lamps in our houses projects, the visual experience and the technical feel can in the end make the prominent difference between a cozy home and a lighted house. It can take ages to find something out of the ordinary, that combines those three. A lot of designers manage to do just that. Eco-lighting doesn’t have to stop at home either. Lots of companies have seen a huge benefit of implementing the right kind of lighting in their warehouses and offices.

Louis Poulsen is one of the most recognized lighting companies of Denmark. The architectural design of Louis Poulsen has successfully managed to create lamps that, with the perfect projection of light, has created the most-have of the season. Besides the technical handwork Louis Poulsen design contributes to a playful but still classic feel to the surroundings – leaving your house with a cozy feel. Some of the most popular lamps from Louis Poulsen has been popular for several generations and they are still popular among the new generation.

Creative yet classic

Louis Poulsen has since 1874 believed that lighting is a way to express feelings. The most characteristic about their lamps is that they always dare to challenge new colours and changes, but still have the history of Louis Poulsen in mind at all times. With a continuity in the design of their lamps Louis Poulsen manages to stay highly relevant in modern interior to this day. The Louis Poulsen lamps are now one of the big icons in Scandinavian design.

Their lamps come in all sorts and shapes, but you never doubt its origin. Depending on the needs, the lamps can be made very visible or be just another item on the shelf. Maybe it is your time to find lamps that lasts, in style and quality, for a lifetime.

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