Future of Real Estate in India – Investing in the Current Scenario

real estateReal estate has always been an important investment category in India, at least since the last few decades if not longer. The country is one of those few ones in the world that are developing at a rapid pace and the real estate market is not only keeping up with the demand but its one of the most sought after in cities big and small; one only has to take a look at the seemingly sky high prices in cities like Mumbai to realise how much a piece of the property pie is worth! Real estate developers in India range from the cream of the crop that work with the best national and international teams to smaller operations, catering both to the wide range within the classes and the masses.

Let us take a look at few of the reasons why this may be the time for you to consider real esate as an investment in India –

  • According to some reports The country of India is among the top 20 countries globally that has the strongest momentum in its real estate index. Coming in second only to China, the country’s real estate industry is galloping ahead due to its fast growing urbanisation, changing consumer spending habits, changing demographic, greater average purchasing power and other favourable factors.
  • Not only that but even non resident Indians (NRIs) and other international private and corporate entities are landing on the country’s shores to invest in real estate and to set shop in the country’s booming industries.
  • One can only see how much the prices have shot up along the years, with some cities being prohibitively expensive for both. The economic upset of the past couple years have also made an impact in the sense that now real estate developers in India are beginning to adjust the prices a little this year to keep their businesses viable and keep the consumers more interested.
  • You will also find loads of special schemes, pre-launch services and attractive offers that are aimed to draw in the buyers, offering them multiple incentives and in turn making the sales momentum for real estate companies gain more speed. Loads of new projects especially in the residential sector are set to hit the market in 2013 in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc.
  • It may definitely be a good time for private and institutional investors to dip their feet in the country’s real estate market or to completely immerse themselves in investment opportunities that seem to be cropping up all over the place. Take advantage of the current scenario where buyers are being encouraged to put in their capital by way of easier payment plans, rate discounts and more.
  • Also of course there is no way for a 100% prediction, but trend reports in the country’s real estate market have always shown an upward direction over the years. Real estate here has always been a viable investment option especially in the long term arena.

Risks are always an inherent part of any form of investment. Do make sure you have the necessary funds and financial plans for something that requires this amount of commitment regarding both time and capital.


Jonathan D’costa is a real estate with his own set-up since the past 12 years. He believes that the real estate developers in India have really stepped up the game when it comes to impressive and innovative projects.

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