FourTool Types You’ll Want To Have When You Do Your Home Repairs

Doing it yourself when it comes to home repairs can often save you money, and it can make you feel even more accomplished for having done it yourself. However, you can’t just jump into a project head first if you don’t have the right to tools to get the job done. That means that you will need specific tools for different projects.

What you use to fix a carpet coming up on the corners will be far different than the tools that you need to fix the plumbing on your toilet. While there are a ton of tools you would need if you wanted to repair your whole home, here are some of the basics that will help you get through some of those DIY repair projects.

Measuring Tools

Not only should you have a tape measure, and a pencil to mark your measurements, but it may be helpful to have a square as well. Not all things you’ll measure will be straight, of course. Sometimes you’ll want a flexible tape measure, while sometimes you’ll want something far more sturdy, like a yard stick.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are the complete basics of what everyone should have in their homes, even if you don’t do a ton of repairs. Have a toolbox with a phillips head screwdriver and a flathead. You may want to have a set of wrenches. Make sure you also have a hammer, some pliers, and a utility knife too.


Unless you’re taking on a fairly big project you probably won’t need any saws, and even so something small and simple may be enough. However, if you plan to put in your own wood floors, maybe redo your ceiling, or any other projects with larger lumber, you may want to invest in a table saw. There are many different types of saws, small to large. That’s why if you are somewhat inexperienced you may want to talk to someone experienced in home repair to find out exactly what type of saw you need before you invest in the wrong thing!


Using a screwdriver is not always the easiest or most efficient way to put in a screw. That is why it can be very beneficial to have a power drill on hand. Get a cordless for easier use. The voltage you buy will depend on how much power you need it to have. Drills are also handy if you need to drill holes. You can buy all sorts of attachments for them to do whatever your it is your home project requires. Don’t forget to have protective gear on hand. An apron for messy jobs and some safety goggles are definitely a must to keep yourself safe while working.

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