Find the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Home

Your home is your castle and you take care of it. Whether you are in search of a roofing contractor because you need repair work performed or simply want to install a new, decorative top to boost the property’s value, doing your homework first will prevent unnecessary stress and trouble. Don’t be one of the many horror stories people tell about their roof repair and replacement projects. Follow these tips to find the right contractor for your needs.


1. Properly Licensed, Bonded, and Insured


First, foremost, and without argument, contractors must be properly licensed, bonded, and insured. This is a no-brainer, and those who fail to ensure their roofers comply with all state regulations tend to be the subjects of those horror stories. The contractor’s license number should be visible on everything related to his business, including his website, and you can look it up on your state licensing board’s site to see if everything is a-okay. Make certain his license is active with no claims filed against it and that he meets your state’s legal bonding and insurance requirements.


2. Experienced and Knowledgeable


This is also a no-brainer but it bears repeating. On your quest to find the right roofers for your home, make certain the contractors you are considering are experienced and knowledgeable. You might be tempted to give a young roofer fresh out of training a chance, but do you really want to risk the possible goofs related to inexperience? Probably not. Rather, look for someone who’s been in business for quite some time and when you talk with him or her, assess how knowledgeable he or she is during the project discussion and when addressing your questions and concerns.


3. Customer Testimonials


You should also ask for customer testimonials. A roofer worth his or her grain of salt will have no trouble offering names and contact information of past clients willing to give references. Ask for a few, and then follow through and call every one. Don’t settle if the first person you call gave the roofer a glowing review. Call everyone and ask tough questions, including whether the project was completed per plans and on time, and whether the roofer stayed within budget. Also, ask the referrals for negative feedback about the roofer. See what the worst thing is they have to say about him or her.


4. Guarantees and Warranties


Finally, the manufacturer of the roofing materials you choose will likely offer warranties, but go beyond that. Look for roofers willing to back up more than the manufacturer’s warranty. They should also offer a guarantee of some sort that covers their work and any materials they provide on their own. Make certain your project is well protected against unforeseen problems, such as material failure or subcontractor issues. You don’t want to spend money on a new roof only to find out that it isn’t covered when it leaks prematurely.


A bonus tip is to read the fine print on everything. Make certain you are comfortable with your roofer and all project paperwork. Roof repairs or an entirely new roof can be a huge project, and you already know it’s going to be a huge investment. Take your time to vet the right roofer for your needs.

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