7 Ways to Make Your Home a More Eco Friendly Living Space

Going green is the need of the hour. With global warming and power shortages knocking ominously at our doors, it is time we all took some responsibilities to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and change our habits for the better of the planet. You do not have to take huge steps that will affect your base comforts or change your lifestyle drastically; even simple and small changes can slowly amount to a much more environment friendly life and a difference to your surroundings.

One of the biggest things we can do is make our dwellings more sensitive to the issue and change a few things at home that have a better impact on the environment. Eco-sensitive improvements to the home whether it is residential properties in Mumbai or elsewhere are not that tough to make. Let’s take a look at a few simple measures even the most laid back home owner can adopt –

  1. Start recycling – This is a biggie. You know those giant landfills filled with trash of all kinds just lying there adding to the pollution issue our planet is plagued with..well, you can do your bit by starting to recycle. Separate recyclable garbage from the rest and make sure it goes to the right place to get the job done.
  2. Use energy saving lights – The lighting in our homes can consume more power than is good for us, as seen in our ever mounting electricity and power bills. Just a simple switch to energy saving bulbs and tube lights can result in an enormous savings in energy. It also prevents the emission of tons of greenhouse gases that could further damage the environment. Think about it; it is a small step with a big impact. In fact it is said that one new energy saving bulbs consumes 5 times less power than an old bulb!
  3. Use energy efficient appliances – Apart from light bulbs, you will find almost every major appliance in its energy saving form out there in the market. From fridges to TVs to mixers, washing machines and microwaves and more, you will find them all and at prices that are on par with the regular fare.
  4. Unplug always – Most of us switch of an electronic appliance and simply forget about it. But remember to unplug the device as well. Even when not in use appliances and other electronics should be turned off from the main power switch since they continue to consume energy when left as is.
  5. Start saving water – Water shortages are an issue in many parts of the globe and it is too valuable a resource to waste! Even changes like taking shorter showers instead of a long bath, using water used to wash produce for your plants, turning the tap off while you brush your teeth and other such small things can add up big time and really make a difference in consumption.
  6. Control your heating and cooling devices – Yes, sometimes the weather just calls for the frequent use of an air conditioner or a heater. But you do not need to leave it on all day. Switch it on when you get home or have it set to temperature and time control. Sometimes even a couple of degrees less or more can make a big difference in the amount of power an AC or heater consumes.
  7. Consider solar energy – If possible consider installing solar panels for your power minor power needs. Solar energy can be used efficiently to heat water, charge electronic devices and even cook. Create your own energy!

Bio –

T Menon is an interior designer who has worked on several green residential properties in Mumbai. Passionate about the cause of environment damage control and green living he strives to incorporate better practices in every home he works on.

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