5 Ways To Visualize Custom Floor Plans

A lot of people have the dream to create their own house with its own custom floor plan someday. In the past, realistically visualizing the possibilities was not all that much of an option. But thanks to new types of technology and opportunities today, almost anyone can get a 2D or 3D look at what their dream layout may be.


If you haven’t tried any of them before, check out these five ways to visualize custom floor plans, including looking at options on commercial websites, installing home design floor plan software, making a miniature version, trying out augmented reality maps, or even doing a focused, relaxed meditation.


Check Out Commercial Websites


Often, commercial websites will have floor plans you can download or look at online. These are plans that have a physical house already attached to them, but are modifiable by either you or the company if you want something similar but slightly different. This is a great option for people who are actually pretty close to making the decision to begin building their home, as these types of companies will have plenty of experience turning a blueprint into a full project.


Look Into Floor Plan Software


There are tons of options right now to buy home design software, and they have incredibly details and realistic ways to make 2D or 3D renderings of anything you want to design as far as a home goes. Once you play with the setting and dimension, if you are really interested in making it happen, you can take the plan that you made to a construction company and they’ll fill you in if there are any complications with your concept.


Make a Physical Miniature


If you just want to get a general look or feel of a floor plan or design, there isn’t anything stopping you from building a miniature. You can use whatever materials you want, and it’s a great exercise in spatial work to build everything to scale to see how it all works together.


Try Some Augmented Reality Software


If you just want to change the look of a room in realtime to see how modifications would look, check out augmented reality apps that allow you to look at the screen of your phone and show you what object would look like in space, or perhaps just to change the basic color or style of something already present.


Do a Focused Meditation

The final way to visualize a floor plan is to do a real, in-depth meditation session. Close your eyes, put all the shapes and colors in place, and walk around the floor plan in your imagination. With a bit of practice, many people find this to be a great way to do design work!

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