5 ways to maximise space in your home

If you find yourself lacking space in your home, you don’t have to buy a whole new house with extra bedrooms and a bigger kitchen to gain more. Small but smart changes to your house and using what you already have will maximise the space, leaving your home feeling bigger and you not knowing what to do with all the room you now do have. Below are 5 great ways to maximise space in your home.

Organisation of objects according to similar characteristics

The best way to maximise space is to combine similar sized objects. They will then sit into corners of the room and into compatible spaces more efficiently, and can generally mean you can minimise wasted space in your home. It is also advisable to remove items from a room if they are not used regularly and are just taking up valuable room and causing clutter.


Maximise the light

The lighter a room is, the bigger it feels and can portray a room which has more space than it really does. Big windows allowing for natural light to pass, and even fitting lots of mirrors to help enhance the light in a room as the light bounces off the windows can create a bigger feel to the room. Artificial lighting like the range Artemide offers, rather than natural light from an online luxury retailer such as Lampcommerce can have the exact same effect in making a home look bigger, as long as it looks good and fits in with the style of the room.

Think vertically

It is important to remember that a room does not actually have four points, but actually has eight! Instead of thinking solely about floor space when deciding on layout, you also need to think about airspace and trying to take advantage of as much vertical space as possible. A room which doesn’t capitalise on airspace is like a city without skyscrapers, what’s the point? A large amount of people don’t make the most of the extra space where possible. This could be something like putting drawers with shoes in, or storage boxes under your bed.

Traffic Flow

Always make sure you are making every part of the room accessible easily to get to give your home a flowing and fluid feel. You don’t want to have your guests feel like they have to squeeze through or step over furniture and objects in the way. Adjustments to your home’s structure and layout can be as drastic as changing the design and arrangement of a room completely, or simply moving around furniture. A dramatic change is redesigning your home to an open-planned house which will remove walls and help to create a smooth flowing aspect to the home.

Multipurpose items

These items are one of the best ways to maximise storage in a home and ensure it doesn’t feel cramped. There are many different types of furniture which are multi-purpose and can suit your needs for your house or room, as well as doing two jobs in one. The more storage, the more organised everything looks and therefore the more spacious a room will look and feel. Examples can be a bed which has drawers underneath the mattress to store clothes, or built in cupboards .

On our tight budgets, we can’t all afford to have home cinemas but at least we can ensure we make the most of all the space in our house that we do have, and as a result benefit from having any additional space.


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