5 Ways to Design a Kid-Friendly Family Room

5 Ways to Design a Kid Friendly Family RoomMaking a family room a place where children enjoy being a part of the group is not difficult, and the effort is so worthwhile for family time. Bonding happens best when people are together over time rather than only spending a few sporadic moments briefly here and there throughout the week. Here are 5 design ideas and changes to make a family room more kid-oriented:

Decorate for Children

Find items to which children can relate like fun and informal family portraits with children in the photos. About the room, place items that they cannot break and they will find fascinating like large pine cones, wicker baskets of silk flowers and stuffed animals. The room does not have to look exclusively like a children’s room to be comfortable and attractive for kids, but the room should not be filled with tempting pieces that they must not touch like breakable porcelain collectibles.

Include Kids’ Furniture

In the family room, some small chairs or bean bags should be added along with the adult furniture. Bean bags are excellent because they come in different sizes and adults and children enjoy sitting and lounging on them. Bean bags also usually take some wear and tear without showing it. Additionally, low tables like coffee tables should be surfaces on which the children can put their toys and play.

Child-Safe Furniture for Everyone

Along with specific furniture for children, all the furniture in the room should be safe for children. For instance, children can run and plop down on bean bags or chairs without banging into protruding sharp corners. The sofas and recliners for adults should also be made of material that does not easily show wear like furniture with white or light-colored upholstery. If the furniture is made of materials that are easily ruined by children, snug-fitting waterproof furniture covers should protect them.

Lower Storage for Toys & Books

Lower storage cabinets and shelves should be reserved for children’s books, toys and media. Teaching children to put their things away is important. Having places right in the room where their things are conveniently kept can make cleanup much less of a chore.

Wide Floor Space

A wide space on the floor where active bodies can freely play is essential in the family room. The space can have a plush throw rug so they can tussle without getting hurt. Otherwise, the hard floor surface can be where they can roll toys like cars and balls in play.

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