5 Style Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

One of the more fun things to remodel to improve your overall quality of life is your bathroom. Now, even though this may be the smallest room in your home, that doesn’t mean the project should be taken lightly. There are all sorts of things to consider before the hammer and nails come out.


So, five style tips for your bathroom remodel to consider include starting with a professional consultation, making sure that everything is clean before making decisions, looking for DIY ideas to complement the remodel, making it a group decision, and considering the rest of your home in the process as well.


Start With a Professional Consultation


Consider setting up a professional remodel consultation before you make too many decisions about this particular construction project. Find a company with a lot of experience and tell them what you want, what you’re willing to spend, and a basic timetable. If there are going to be any surprises, now is the time to find out about them, not after you’ve already committed to some part of the project.


Get Everything Clean First


Also, before doing too much as far as planning goes on your remodel, do a deep cleaning first of the area. This means scrubbing the walls, shining cupboards and mirrors, clearing out all of the clutter, scrubbing the floors, checking for mold, and doing everything you can to prep for a white glove test. The point of this is that once everything is clean, you can really tell what needs work. Maybe some things are worse than you thought. Maybe some things are better. But you won’t know until you do that deep cleaning.


Look for DIY Ideas


Especially after you do a bathroom remodel, you’re going to want to personalize it. At that point, you can start looking for DIY bathroom ideas, and finding ones that go with the new theme you have installed. Many of these are super easy, and it’s just a matter of getting the creative juices flowing.


Make It a Group Decision


Group decisions about remodels are generally going to be better than ones that are done by the eyes of one individual. If you’re remodeling the main bathroom in your home, at least talk to your significant other about the details, without doing all of the visualizing yourself. And even kids can have valuable things to add to the conversation.


Consider the Rest of Your Home


A final thing to consider before doing your bathroom remodel is the overall style of your home. It might be a bit disconcerting if your whole home is in the country style and then you suddenly have a modern bathroom. Keep in mind there should be some continuity.

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