5 Secrets to Selecting the Best Paint Color For Your New Home

5 Secrets to Selecting the Best Paint Color For Your New HomePainting a home is one of the most affordable ways to change its appearance dramatically, and new homeowners often choose to use paint to make their new home match the visions. However, choosing the right color for your new home can be difficult, and making the wrong choice can lead to years of regret. Here are five tips for choosing the right color for your new home.

1. Ask for Input

While choosing the right color for your home is a personal and family decision, asking for advice can help. Too often, homeowners think of only a limited palette, which can cause them to miss the best possible choice for their homes. Always ask for input from friends, and consider bringing in an expert to offer his or her advice.

2. Use the Internet

Thanks to the Internet, it has never been easier to find examples of homes in various colors. By looking at home similar to yours, you may be able to find the right paint to make your home stand out. In addition, it is possible to use online forums and social media platforms to solicit advice by posting a picture of your new home and asking for input.

3. Renovations?

Before making the decision to paint your new home, consider if you will be performing any renovations. Landscaping and other relatively small renovations can change how your home looks, and these tweaks may change how your home will look when it is painted. If you are considering renovations within a year, consider waiting to paint your home until then.

4. Framing

Too often, homeowners think of their homes as standalone units. In reality, your home is positioned among other homes, natural scenery and other items that frame it. When choosing between multiple colors, consider how they will look within your home’s framing, and consider whether changing seasons will affect how your home looks throughout the year.

5. Computer Tools

For those who have trouble visualizing what their new homes will look like after being painted, it may be wise to use computer tools that can simulate the look of the home in various colors. These tools are fairly simple to use, and they can allow a homeowner to look through an endless variety of different hues. It should be noted, however, that these tools are not perfect, and it may be best to ask a professional for input before settling on a color based on how the simulation looks.

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