5 rooms you need to have in your home

We all dream of those big houses we watched on MTV Cribs with swimming pools, sauna rooms and tennis courts, but for most of us that’s just simply not realistic for obvious reasons. Below however, are 5 rooms that you need in your home which are not only more realistic, but also in line with budget!

  1. Your own gym


A home gym is ideal for encouraging a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of your own living space. The biggest excuse for people not visiting the gym is “I don’t have time”. A gym in your own house solves this problem as you can always find 30mins of spare time when you’re already at home and don’t have to go anywhere! You also save on petrol not having to drive, and best of all it means that you don’t have to wait to use certain machines and can train at your own pace without any pressure or rush. You can use it every day and is great for you if can’t stand commercial gyms which can tend to be overcrowded. There is also the privacy while training, and ability to listen to your own music without the need for headphones. Furthermore, if you have the time you can train several times throughout the day for shorter periods of time. For example, you could do a 15 minute gym session while the dinner cooks or the kids are having a nap, rather than having to allocate a strict amount of time to going to the gym due to the inconvenience of travelling back and forth as well as other responsibilities.

  1. A personal cinema


How many times have you felt like going to watch a film but can’t be bothered to drive there? Or how often are the showing inconvievent to your other plans and schedule? With a home cinema it means this worry becomes irrelevant. Although you won’t be able to watch the new releases immediately from your home, you can still sit down and enjoy your favourite movies with your friends and family accompanied by ice-cream and popcorn to really make it feel like you’re at the cinema. In addition, home cinemas mean you can get better sound quality with the latest equipment, tailored to suit your needs. According to lettings and management specialists Leo Newman, a home cinema as well as a gym is some of the best ways to add value to your home.

  1. Infamous man cave


This is every man’s dream – a room to hide away and do as you please. A man cave is designed for a guy to have his own space and do what he wants, whether that is watching sports games, relaxing over a drink playing video games or enjoying a game of pool or darts. Often, friends are invited into the man to enjoy all things, man!

  1. Office away from work


When you need to work from home, this is an ultimate room to escape and have some peace and quiet where you can work productively without distraction. It means you can separate work and home life, and create the perfect balance without having to going into the actual office every morning. When working, it is important to design your home office in a way which not only looks good, but also is motivating and relaxing in order to be productive as it can be a difficult challenge working from home at times.

  1. Fun and games room


An idyllic room for the whole family, enjoying a variety of games and activities from ping pong, air hockey, and table football. When the weather isn’t the best for outdoor activities, why not stay at home and have some fun inside? Although a games room isn’t just designed for kids, it is somewhere that will keep them occupied leaving you to get on and have some free time to yourself or get on with daily routines in peace. A games room is also great for when guests come over, as you enjoy a games night with friends over a dinner party.

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