4 Factors that Attract Pests in Homes

As a homeowner, your property constitutes one of the high profile investments you possess. Termites’ infestation comes along with effects that could devastate your house’s quality and shorten its life. Knowing termites’ food sources and their signs of existence can help eliminate them early.

This will not only create a comfortable and hygienic interior to live in, but also it will eliminate any possible dangers to your house. What attracts termites, because truly not all houses are infested, only some houses. Rove Pest Control, one of the top pest exterminator, believes that the following are some of the factors that could be attracting termites in your house.

1.      Piles of Wood around Your House

If there is anything that termites love more than anything else, it is wood. If you pile wood around your home, termites will turn it into their shelter, and they will start building colonies. Once they become many, they will roam around looking for a new shelter and definitely, they will find your house. The mud channels will be built to connect them into your house directly.

2.      Foliage Surrounding Your Home

There are times when dead trees and stumps become excess around your compound. As this foliage rots, it becomes ripe for termites to feast on and they will start building a shelter around your house. Once they notice there is better shelter than the foliage, they will start to migrate to your home. Take the initiative to make sure you clear all foliage so that you achieve neatness round your surroundings.

3.      Mulch

Mulch can be used in the garden near your home to ensure water is not lost easily for seeds to germinate. As you keep mulch, the grass that rot becomes termite attracting agents and you will realize they have already resided in nearby small trees and plants.

Termites like moist and enclosed spaces where they can stay without experiencing hot temperatures. For that reason, you need to make sure all you examine mulch every now and then, and if you find there are signs of termites, then you can remove them.

4.      Branches of Trees Touching Your Roof

As trees touch your roof, some leaves may shed off and fall on your roof cover. These leaves rot, and they attract termites. Cut off all branches and make sure you clean your rooftop so that you don’t give termites any kind of shelter to help themselves. Leaves may also block gutters and provide a hiding spot for termites. Termite’s infestation can destroy wood and furniture in your home which is why you need to keep them away.

As you emphasize on performing excellent hygienic interventions to keep termites away, keep in mind that your surrounding must be well-groomed.  This will eliminate all the loopholes that could be used by termites to access your house.

If you notice wings on doors and windows, you need to know termites have taken residence in your home. Most of them like building mud channels to move from their colonies to your house. You will notice them after by become plenty and start to cause detrimental effects.

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