3 Ideas for Decorating Your Windows This Holiday Season

A great way to get into the holiday spirit as the year comes to an end is to decorate your home in whatever festive way you know and love. But while you can spend hours and hours perfecting the holiday decoration inside your home, only those who actually enter can enjoy the work and creativity you brought to your decor. Luckily, there is one way you can share your holiday cheer with anyone passing by your home: window decoration.


While hanging Christmas lights and setting up decorations outside the home can be fun, it’s generally a lot of work and requires you to take the chance of your decorations being harmed by the elements or malicious people. But with decorating your windows, friends and neighbors can enjoy your holiday spirit while you still maintain control over your window treatments or sunscreens as well as your decorations. For those looking to spruce up their windows this holiday season, here are three ideas for window decorations to try in your home.


Eye-Catching Wreaths


Hanging a traditional Christmas wreath in your windows is a great way to show your love for the holidays in a classic and simple way. Depending on the theme or colors you choose for your Christmas decor this year, you can also change the colors or materials for your wreaths as well. In fact, Real Simple shares that one option for a more modern Christmas wreath could be using feathers rather than tree boughs. By creating your wreath out of green feathers, you still accomplish the holiday spirit with the colors but also get to show your more creative side with a different type of material.


Paints and Stickers


If you have an artistic side, you may want to try painting your windows with holiday designs or images to decorate for the season. Better Homes and Gardens suggests displaying various shaped snowflakes on panes of windows to create a beautiful sight for all to enjoy. Just be sure you use special window paint in order to ensure that you’ll be able to get your creation off the window once the holidays are over.


For homes with children, another great window option is to use window stickers. These peel-and-stick items will make for beautiful window decorations for the holidays as well as a fun activity for the children to participate in.


Create a Scene


For those looking for something a little more involved, try creating an entire winter scene around your window that will rival even the most festive department store window displays. One suggestions given by Southern Living is to use cardinals, birch logs, and fresh greenery to compose a beautiful winter scene. Regardless of the scene you choose to showcase, those who see it will appreciate your love and dedication to the holiday season.

Upping your decoration game by creating pieces to be enjoyed both inside and outside of your home will help all around feel an added measure of the holiday spirit. Use the tips mentioned above to create beautiful window decor for all to enjoy this year.

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